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May 10, 2021

2016 - ESRA North Celebrates Midsummer in Style

Nearly 60 members of ESRA North celebrated Midsummer in style this week.

Travelling by coach and cars members from all over the North District made their way to Restaurant Es Parc in Selva. With the background of the Tramuntana mountains, and the setting of the sun, this proved to be a relaxing occasion where friends could catch up with each other and new friendships could be made.

As the dinner progressed, members commented that it was like a film set, with the sun setting and the moon and stars taking over.

The food and service from Es Parc was excellent. ESRA North had been here before, and to quote the owner of Es Parc, Felipe, “It was like a group of people coming home”.

There was a generous raffle which delighted everyone,  followed by the presentation of a certificate of appreciation to Felipe by Chris Maynard, the Chair of ESRA North and Brian Lowndes, the Vice Chair.

It was a delightful evening, which many of the members of ESRA North hoped could have gone on for much longer

Howard Mullen

ESRA North Chair, Chris Maynard, sells raffle tickets   Brian Lowndes, Felipe and Chris Maynard

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