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May 10, 2021

2016 Car Treasure Hunt

Above: The Overall Winners

Once upon a time the District which won the All-Island car Treasure Hunt was expected to organize the Hunt for the following year.  And having seen at first-hand the level of work and commitment required from the organizing committee, it is easy to understand why some folk claimed that some competitors deliberately conspired to lose.

Some fifteen cars the difficulties of Calvia’s roads, tracks and motorways for this year’s event; 3 cars from Northeast District,  2 each from SouthEast and Central Districts, 1 car from North and 7 cars from SouthWest.  Well, the latter didn’t have as far to travel as some of the others.

The weather was kind: sunny and dry,  if not altogether warm, and most competitors seem to have found it an enjoyable day out.  Indeed, the only complaint to reach our ears was that the late arrival of some cars at the finish meant a somewhat longer wait for lunch than hungry competitors cared for.

The dueño of Otto Rosso, where competitors had breakfasted, acted as impartial judge and picked the winners in the fancy dress, best dressed car and best name categories.  The winners were,

Best  Fancy Dress: St George & The Dragons.

Best Car: Spice Car

Best Car Name : Where The Feck Are  Weez

The remaining prizes were determined by the level of success each car had in solving the clues.  And the result, on an individual level resulted in a tie between a SouthWest and a NorthEast District cars; both finishing on 40 points.  There was a tie-break to separate the two, and the SouthWest car was the victor.

Individual Highest Car Score

Third place: SouthWest - Dont Follow Us We’re  Lost.

Second place: NorthEast - Cas Saquet

First Place: SouthWest - Where The Feck Are Weez

And the last of the prizes wemt to SouthWest District also,

Best District Average:  (32.85)  Received the Plaque


So, which District gets to do all the work next year? Whichever it is,a sizeable SouthWest contingent can be expected to take part.

Jim wallace



George and the Dragons

Winner of the best Fancy Dress Category. And with three rolling-pin wielding “dragons” George was glad he’d worn his chain-mail 


The Spice Girls

Were worth a fancy dress prize (who was their hairdresser?)  but had to settle for the prize for“Best-Dressed Car”

We started with a good breakfast




Then after the event we returned for lunch.

Spice Car

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