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May 10, 2021

A celebration of a year of success for ESRA North

Often Annual General Meetings are the events to avoid, but the AGM of ESRA (North) this year was definitely the exception.

A large number of members turned up for what became a celebration of success.

Popular Chair of ESRA North, Chris Maymard  reported on new events over the year with lots of new venues.

The 30th Anniversary Celebrations had been a particular success, and the new venue for The Christmas lunch had even managed to keep the tradition of a turkey for every table a continuing tradition.

Teams from the North have competed in All Island events with the golfers from the North being successful in both team and individual events. ESRA North also was host to the all island Flower Show and were overall winners at the end of the day, with lots of individual winners and an increase in those participating.

CHris reported on the continued success of The Thurday Club where members take part in Art, Spanish, Bridge, patchwork, recycled cards and computer sessions.

The Bazaar and other events had resulted in ESRA North donating over 2500€ to local charities , and making and donating  15 quilts to the Residencias in Pollenca and in the Port of Pollenca.

Chris Maynard paid tribute to the hard work of her outgoing committee, and in particular thanked Jill Patch, who, though not officially Treasurer, had looked after the finances so well. Chris made a presentation to Jill.

Accounts were approved and plans for the coming year were outlined, which included

  • To continue to provide you with a varied programme  of social events trips and meals. 
  • To continue to raise money for local charities, (Members were encouraged to recommend loval charities to support in the future.)
  • To encourage members participation in All Island Events.
  • To fill the few vacant positions on the committee.

The Committee elected for 2016 was

Chairman     Christine Maynard
Vice Chairman     Brian Lowndes
Social Secretary     Brian Lowndes
Membership Secretary     Brenda Lowndes
Secretary     Sharon Cooper
Member Support     Vacant
Treasurer     To be confirmed
Newsletter Editor     Robert Maynard
Voting Members     Alan Forsythe
      Margaret Scott
      Howard Mullen (Publicity)


The AGM had proved a celebration of the excellent year that ESRA North had experienced, and so in typical ESRA North style, the members went off to celebrate with a lunch at Bistro Maxims, just round the corner!

Howard Mullen

Brian Lowndes   Bob Maynard
Alan Forsythe   Brenda Lowndes
Howartd Mullen   A packed house


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