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May 10, 2021

2015 - ESRA takes to the water

Repeating last year’s successful boat trip, but with a change of boat and crew, E.S.R.A. members took to the beautiful waters of Mallorca’s SouthWest coast. 

Organised by South-West District, but welcoming members from other districts too, the day out was pronounced a definite success by all. The passengers boarded the Jumbo II at Santa Ponsa as in previous years, but with a change of boat, Captain and crew, this year. 

ESRA South West members were joined on board by members of other Districts and by members of the public and proved an object of curiosity to the latter – especially to a group of Welsh tourists who demanded to know who and what, ESRA was all about. 

It made for spirited conversation among the Jumbo II’s passengers.  Meanwhile, our Social Secretary, a former member of the R.S.P.B., was observed in deep discussion of the bird life along the coast with another bird-loving member.

First stop, tying-up at Sant Elmo, gave the passengers a chance for a short promenade along the sea-front, with the more energetic opting for a swim, before repairing back on the boat for a buffet  luncheon of green salad, pasta salad, tortilla Español and bread  and there was plenty of Sangria and water to slake the thirst.

Then it was on to the island of sa Dragonera. The island was acquired by the Mallorca Island Council in 1987 and declared a natural park in 1995.  It boasts, not one, but three, light-houses and is home to a magnificent array of bird life, including Eleanora’s Falcons. Its status as a natural park is largely due to the efforts of a group of young persons who occupied the island in 1977 to prevent its commercial development. 

Interestingly, one of them was Miquel Barceló, the artist who designed the Capilla de San Pedro in Palma’s Cathedral

Many of the passengers will have made a silent vow to come back to sa Dragonera for a longer visit – on this occasion there was time for a short ramble, a group photograph and then Jumbo II was off again.

On the return trip to Santa Ponsa the boat stopped to allow passengers to dive into the sea once again for a final swim in the clear blue waters. The day was, by common consent, a splendid excursion that gave ESRA members a chance to enjoy this wonderful Island of ours at its spectacular best. There’s just one drawback to such a lovely day out, if you plan to do it again next summer.  How do you top perfection?

Jim Wallace

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