ESRA Mallorca

English-Speaking Residents′ Association - Mallorca

Jan 29, 2023

What places can we suggest to live on Mallorca?


This Island of Mallorca, or Majorca, which is approximately 112 kilometers (70 miles) long and 64 kilometers (40 miles) wide, has the geography of several countries. In the mountains it's like Switzerland; in the foothills - Tuscany; looking over high cliffs by the sea - the Cote d'Azur, and the plains are like parts of France.

Awaiting Reform

Restored Windmill

Restored House

Town House



Where and why? Do I want to be:

  • close to the airport?
  • close to Palma, a beautiful and modern city with a population of approximately 350,000?
  • able to walk to stores for food and other conveniences?
  • on a bus or train route?
  • close to a highway/motorway(s)?
  • in an Expat community?
  • close to medical facilities?


Dream Home or Nightmare?

  • Use an Estate Agent - inmobiliario
  • Negotiate - the asking price is just that. The purchase price can be much lower.
  • It's cheaper inland. Coastal regions have the most expensive locations.
  • Does the property have an escritura - a deed?
  • Does the property have electricity, water and phone?
  • Is it zoned urban urbano or rural?
  • Use a Spanish Lawyer Abogado.
  • Renting a holiday villa first allows time to investigate thoroughly - TAKE YOUR TIME!

It is essential that your choice has a legal Deed Escritura for the WHOLE  property. Without a legal Deed, installing electricity, if necessary, is impossible and, in accordance with EU requirements, new power lines to buildings must be underground at the owner's expense. Solar power and generators are other options. Without mains water, you can have water delivered by tanker (Camion), or can be accessed from an EXISTING well. Drilling new wells is strictly regulated and permission must be obtained. 

If your property is designated "rural" it must be at least 14,000 square meters before you will be granted permission to add to and/or build new buildings - this is now strictly enforced. Local Spanish professionals are better at steering you through the buying process - don't be in a hurry! Buy a copy of the publication, "You and the law in Spain", by David Searl, published by Santana Books. That lovely old house may be a lovely old nightmare!