ESRA Mallorca

English-Speaking Residents′ Association - Mallorca

Jan 29, 2023

Living on Mallorca

Living here you will join the resident population which fluctuates between 800,000 and 900,000 and the annual visitors who, so far this year, have just topped the 11 million mark. Yes, people like this place. WHY? Because it has the most agreeable climate, wonderful beaches, wonderful fruits, nuts, olives and vegetables, all available fresh in the weekly markets held on different days in all the villages; food for every palate; fine stores and shops and a bonanza of entertainment for all tastes: plays, ballet/dance, opera, symphony and choral concerts, free concerts by international artists in the churches and plazas during the summer, bowling, the latest films in English, pop, jazz and rock concerts - AND - the great Spanish tradition of Fiestas.

Mallorcan dancing

Fiestas run for a week throughout the summer months at different times in every village - you can go from Fiesta to Fiesta, week after week, seeing dancing, bands and competitions, and arts and crafts exhibitions. They are like a continuous Country Fair with a Spanish flavour. Brush up on your Scottish dancing and then you can participate in Mallorcan dancing. The biggest and most important fiesta is the "Three Kings"´ celebrated on January 5th.- 6th. This is more important than Christmas although the youngsters don´t mind accepting gifts on both occasions! The climax of this event is the three Kings arriving by boat in harbours around the island, joining a long parade of floats weaving through the streets, culminating with a spectacular fireworks display over the sea.

A market stall

All this activity is bound to make you hungry. Fish and chips, egg and chips, MacDonalds, yes, they are all here.  So are fine ethnic restaurants, but what you really must try is the local cuisine:  Arroz Brut (a kind of thick yellow rice soup with all kinds of meats and herbs thrown in),  Frito (chopped vegetables and liver with herbs and garlic), Chiperones (deep fried baby squids) and many more and these are just for starters!  For the main course, lamb, pork, chicken and goat are prepared in a variety of ways, as also is fresh fish of which there are many varieties depending on the season.  Desserts (postres). - For those with a sweet tooth, this is heaven!


A typical 'patio' in Palma

If you are civic-minded you will appreciate that the wonderful life in Mallorca can be credited to the semi-autonomous Government of the four Balearic Islands Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. With aid from the Spanish government and the EU the local government has poured money and resources into this wonderful Island. Mallorca has the finest and most up to date waste disposal plant in the whole of Europe - we like to think we have other ¨finests¨ too!

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