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Jan 29, 2023

Living in Spain



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>> COMMUNITY MEETING TO DISCUSS THE UK REFERENDUM:   Report on the Community Meeting with the British Consul General at Calvia Town Hall on Tuesday 26th July 2016
 - Jim Wallace - 30-Jul-2016

>> Living in Spain, Pensions, benefits, healthcare and consular services - frequently asked questions:   Information provided by representatives of the Department for Work and Pensions, taken out of the packet presented to attendees, when the two representatives conducted meetings in Mallorca on March 23rd. 2010.
 - Michael Booker - 20-Nov-2012

>> Residencias/NIE Number:   Up to date information on Residencias and the new method of obtaining an electronic appointment to renew or obtain the first one.
 -  - 16-Oct-2014

>> European Health Card (EHIC).:   This card is for holidaymakers and temporary visitors who may need to use the state health system in another EU country.
 -  - 20-Nov-2012

>> Access to Healthcare in Spain.:   Information presented by representatives of the Dept. for Works and Pensions, taken out of the package presented to attendees when the two representatives conducted meetings in Mallorca, March 23rd. 2010 and updated October 2012.
 -  - 20-Nov-2012

>> UK Passport Information:   This page contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0. and contains direct links to passport information
 -  - 31-Aug-2013

>> TRAFICO UPDATES:   Changes to Driving Licence regulations in Spain from December 2009
 - Rosemary Bull - 20-Nov-2012