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Apr 23, 2021

North - Twiddle Muffs July 2017

ESRA North is well known for getting involved in some very strange things. This week members of ESRA North went to the Headquarters of the AFAMA charity in Pollenca to make a presentation of some Twiddle Muffs!

Professional caregivers rave about the effectiveness of Twiddles®. Having something to hold and manipulate, something to “twiddle” or fidget with, has a calming effect on a person who has dementia. The textures, the gadgets, the warm coziness of the Twiddles® are all there for just that reason. The stimulation they provide truly adds to the individual’s quality of life.

ESRA North Chair, Christine Maynard, along with other members, who made the Twiddles, presented  approx. 40  Twiddles to AFAMA, and they included 10 made by ladies in Scotland and sent out  via one ESRA North Member  Irene Lynch.

 AFAMA were really grateful to receive the gifts, which they will use with people locally. There was a very friendly atmosphere at the presentation in the AFAMA's gardens. The English Speaking Residents Association in the North has established a very close relationship with AFAMA and the representatives of AFAMA expressed their thanks and said how grateful they were for presents which would be very useful.

 So ESRA North has started another new activity, the production of Twiddle Muffs! What's next? Well done ESRA North!

Howard Mullen

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