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Apr 23, 2021


It was a return to the ways of life in medieval times last week as a group of ESRA members enjoyed a few days in Ibiza to take in the World famous Medieval Festival. A visit to this annual recreational and cultural event was not to be missed and so it was that our small group from ESRA came to be in Ibiza.

Thankfully, ESRA members were not required to storm the walls of the fortified old town and World heritage site, Dalt Vlla, founded by the Carthaginians in 654 BC. The walls protected Ibiza from Romans, Greeks and Moors for hundreds of years and many battles took place. However, it was a warm welcome to ESRA members and the thousands of visitors to this unique Festival and Unesco heritage site. For some, a two night hotel stay and time to enjoy the sights and sounds, the colours of the flags and to try the different and varied foods on sale from around Spain and the Mediterranean. So much was there to see and enjoy, from the bands, the acrobats, dancers, dragons. minstrels and artists to the choral concerts and performances throughout the day and into the evening.

 Some members took a day trip, a long one, but well worth the journey to sunny Ibiza by ferry. All agreed that this is one weekend event that should be promoted to all ESRA Districts again. It was a fun time, but also a chance to meet others from different Districts, take in a few drinks and enjoy a dinner at one of the many restaurants. It was a colorful and memory filled weekend.

David Whitney


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