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Apr 23, 2021

2017 - North visit The Glass Church

Members of ESRA North were treated to an amazing visit earlier this week.

Some members had already heard of Iglesia La Porciuncula ( la Iglesia de Cristal), but a visit to "The Glass Church", proved a really memorable event.

The church is located in El Arenal, and is a 1960's structure containing the best kept secret in Palma.

Members of ESRA North had been collected by coach from all over the North of the island and enjoyed a leasurely trip to The Glass church. Nobody knew what to expect.

On arrival the visitors were lead to a delightful museum which featured church history and a history of tourism in Mallorca.

 As people moved through the museum, the sound of a church organ could be heard in the background, and they realized that once in the Church, there was to be live organ music to accompany their visit.

The reaction from individuals as the entered the church was almost universal. People came to a halt and the only word that seemed appropriate was, "WOW!"

The round church features amazing stained glass windows. The atmosphere is spectacular and many members decided just to sit down and enjoy the experience.

It was difficult to drag some people away from the church with its beautiful colours and the sounds of the organ recital.

Members then decided to walk in the gardens or sit in the shade of trees. Soon it was time for the party to leave for a delightful Chinese lunch at The Wok in Palma.

How do you judge if a visit has been a success ? When the topic of conversation over lunch is about a magical church, stained glass, peacefulness and colour! WOW!

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