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Apr 23, 2021

Bird of the Month - January 2017

Bird migration is just around the corner. The first Swallows are often seen in early February and they are joined by House Martins and occasionally the rarer Red-rumped Swallow can be seen around the same time.

Other birds follow on, many of the warblers are early too with Willow Warblers being one of the first. Then come other species like the delightful Whitethroat featured here. The north of the Island is often better but the south can be good too on the right day, usually following southerly winds. This helps bring birds to Mallorca which are on migration up through Africa, heading towards Europe. They often rest and feed here for a while before continuing their journey north.

It is worth keeping an eye on the sky at the moment,you may just see one of the first Swallows of the year.

Michael Montier

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