ESRA Mallorca

English-Speaking Residents′ Association - Mallorca

Apr 23, 2021

2016 - All Island Ten-Pin Bowling

Team Results

  First Second Third Fourth

Best Average by Area

SW  248.75  Central  209  NE   198.75  North  194.33

Individual Results

  First Second

Best Score Gentleman

SW Brian Hall 194 SW Brian Hall 173    

Best Score Lady

SW Terry Berry 170 SW Sue Clark 151    

Most Strikes Gentleman

SW Brian Hall 6 NE David Storey 4    

Most Strikes Lady

SW Terry Berry 4

SW Sue Clark 4


Best Aggregate Gentleman

SW Brian Hall 367  NE David Storey 258    
Best Aggregate Lady SW Terry Berry 319 SW Sue Clark 285    

It helps to have a really big Mascot…


Best Score with 194

  Gaynor celebrates a Strike!

Brian Hall

Photos by Imelda Hall

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