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Apr 23, 2021

December 2016

Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata 2014 – DO Jumilla

It is well-nigh Christmas time and most of us enjoy the pleasure of sharing something special with friends and family. For those who relish red wines I have a little treasure to introduce: Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata, a wine which occupies a prominent position in the list of my favourite ones.

It comes from the Spanish Jumilla Denominación de Origen (DO), an area that extends over the north of the region of Murcia, including the municipality of Jumilla from which it takes its name, and the southeast of Albacete province, in the Castile-La Mancha region. Something that I have found particularly singular about the history of this region is that during the outbreak of the phylloxera plague in the 19th century it surprisingly escaped the disease. For this reason the vines were never grafted onto resistant rootstock from the New World, as was the case in the rest of Europe. However, the phylloxera pest unexpectedly struck in 1989, devastating the vineyards and reducing the production by 60% over the next five years. Fortunately the region has been able to recover from the disaster and its wines are currently appreciated among wine lovers.

Jumilla is considered the kingdom of the grape Monastrell, which is present in the vast majority of the wines produced in the area. This grape has adapted to the extreme climate and strong contrasts of the region: hot summers of intense sun, long and cold winters, a difference of 25ºC between day and night, an almost total absence of rainfall, and dry stony ground, very poor in nutrients. The result are full bodied wines, with unique and characteristic features.

As it could not be otherwise, Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata has been made with a 100% of Monastrell grapes. Fermentation lasted up to 25 days, which is quite long but in accordance of its particular traits, and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Sight: intense cherry red colour with garnet undertones.

Nose: elegant and intense smell of ripe fruits (currant and red berries), with spicy and smoked notes from fine wood: cedar, cigar box and liquorice.

Taste: the attack is rich and powerful. Fruit and oak notes are perfectly integrated and balanced. Powerfully tasty, silky and rich in the mid-palate. You can sense its ripe tannins and the distinctive sweetness of Monastrell grapes. Its finish is long and lingering.

It pairs with a great number of meals: rice with meat, stewed meat, stewed vegetables, mushrooms, poultry, smoked seafood, blue and matured cheese, red meat, roast and baked meat.

In conclusion, inviting your friends and sharing a bottle of Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata will certainly distinguish yourself.

Alcohol content: 15.0 %

Serve at 16 ºC.

Average prince: 9.90 €

You can find it in any specialised wine shop and also on the Internet (,,, ...).

William Vanrell


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