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Apr 23, 2021

2016 - North Wok Trotting

 ‘Odds on to win’ at Manacor Trotting races on 25th September 2016

A doubtful weather forecast did not dampen the spirits of an enthusiastic party of 50 racegoers on their way to the Trotting races in Manacor.  After an interesting coach journey via the scenic route through Sa Pobla and Muro, we reached Manacor in time for lunch at the WOK.  This buffet style restaurant offered a wide variety of Chinese and European foods for the starters and main courses.  To those who had previous experience of this arrangement, the process of selection was relatively straightforward but for the novices the format was rather puzzling.  However it was a good opportunity to taste small portions of different foods.  Some members discovered the taste of raw vegetables!

After lunch, the coach took us on a very short journey to the council run Hippodrome.  We were imp
ressed by the facilities for the horses, owners and spectators.  Stables were adjacent to the oval sand track and a small parade ground in the centre of the arena provided a good opportunity for the punters to view the competitors, from the open-air or very comfortable covered grandstand.

On arrival, each member was given a race programme detailing the races and competitors.  Most of us were on a steep learning curve and it was only towards the end of the visit that we began to understand the statistics and hieroglyphics on the sheet.  Essentially the horses are only allowed to trot, pulling a two wheeled carriage and jockey.  If (as many of them were tempted) they galloped, they were automatically disqualified, a decision made by an adjudicator following in the race car.

A variety of strategies were employed to place bets, some studied past form, some inspected the horses, others were impressed by the name s of the jockey/horse, whilst a small group relied on the good looks/attire of the jockey or the horse’s ear coverings!  As far as we know, no-one made or lost a fortune as bets were limited to 1 or 2 euros, but listening to the banter on the coach going home, all had thoroughly enjoyed the visit.  

A very sincere vote of thanks to Brian, Christine and Bob, for arranging such a great day at the races.


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