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Apr 23, 2021

November 2016

The DO Montsant is located in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) and covers 12 municipalities. It was previously known as the Falset subzone of Tarragona DO, and was created as a separate DO in the early 2000s. Regional approval came in 2001, and from 2002 wines are sold as Montsant rather than Tarragona. DO Montsant takes its name from the Montsant mountains in the area, and surrounds the very well known DOQ Priorat.

 Even though being a young Denominación de Origen, the DO Montsant belongs to a region which has a large history in winemaking. The wines, mostly reds, are typically made with the grape varieties Grenache and Carignan. They are authentic, wild, artisanal and usually extremely good value given their high quality.

 In accordance with that, Ètim negre 2013 is one of the Montsant wines with the best value for money. Doubtlessly it is a good opportunity to commence and discover the wines from the area.

 It is made by the cooperative Agrícola Falset-Marçà with a blend of the typical Grenache (60%) and Carignan (30%), which is also known as Samsó in catalan, and a small percentage of Syrah (10%), a variety that has very well adapted to the region. All the vineyards are aged of 20-50 years and planted in different kind of soils.

 After the fermentation and a fifteen day maceration, the wine undergoes a malolactic fermentation, a process in winemaking in which tart malic acid, naturally present in grape must, is converted to softer-tasting lactic acid. When this second fermentation is finished, the final blend is made and it is then aged in American and French oak barrels for six months. The result is a wine that can be enjoyed at anytime.

 Tasting notes

  • Sight: intense cherry red colour, with purplereflections. Clean and bright. Abundant wine legs can be observed.
  • Nose: intense and complex smell. First, red and black fruits are very present. Then, when the wine opens up, this fruity perception becomes more intense, and fine roasted notes emerge along with some sweet spices. Its subtle balsamic aromas provide the wine with a good freshness.
  • Taste: the first impression is wide and then the mid palate is dense and silky. The fruity, toasted and spicy notes are released. Tannins are marked but pleasant. It has a correct acidity. The finish is nice and long.

 It pairs very well with a great number of meals: fried eggs with ham, stew, rice with meat, roasted chicken, grilled red meats, spicy dishes, roasted lamb, cold meat, semimature cheese.

 My conclusion is that Ètim negre 2013 is a very balanced wine, tasty and elegant, and with a modern character.

 Alcohol content: 14.0 %

Serve at 16 ºC.

Average price: 6.00 € – 7.00 €

 You can find it in any specialised wine shop and also on the Internet (,, ...).

William Vanrell

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