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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - November 2016

This is one of the weirdest birds to be seen in Mallorca. They inhabit the marsh and are not at all shy, often posing out in the open for long periods. They look so primitive and yet so dazzling in their iridescent purple plumage and they never fail to brighten up a day out.

 Because of their specialized habitat, not many people have seen them so in order to address this problem, an outing to the marsh is being organized for anyone wanting to travel to the north and spend some time in a cold and damp hide looking out onto the muddy gloom.

Hopefully though, it will be sunny and the winter is a great time to visit Albufera where more birds can be seen than in the dry summer months. Many species that live exclusively in the marsh will also be on show.

The photo, left, was taken at the Cap de Ses Salines where I and all the locals have gathered to watch the birds leaving Mallorca on their way to Africa.

 Migration is such an extraordinary phenomenon, some species undertaking a journey of many thousands of miles.

 It has been a great year with a record day in September when 205 glorious Honey Buzzard flew past the Cap.

Michael Montier

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