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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - October 2016

Autumn migration is in full swing at the moment with birders gathering at the most southerly point of Mallorca, Cap de Ses Salines, to watch the spectacle of birds of prey leaving the Island heading for their winter quarters in Southern Africa.

 Smaller species are also on their way there, not only local birds, but large flocks from all over Europe, passing through here and often stopping for a while to rest and feed.

 Some of the best species can be seen at the moment such as multi-coloured Bee-eaters and dazzling Golden Orioles.

 More common birds put in a very welcome appearance too such as the beautiful Pied Flycatcher featured here. They do not breed in Mallorca but they are present in large numbers and can be seen all over the countryside, often sitting low in trees showing off their black and white finery.

 Michael Montier

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