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Apr 23, 2021

2016 -Son Amar

Once again ESRA members and guests from all districts of the island enjoyed a fast moving and a professional show to remember last Saturday evening as some 127 arrived for the evening's entertainment and dinner. It is always a delight to arrive and be welcomed by professional staff at such an iconic venue as it makes for a wonderful start to the evening. Over the last year Son Amar has transformed itself and the changes within the venue layout are clear to see with the new dining tables layout, a larger stage and a modern and no expense spared interior and bars throughout.

 It was not long before all were seated in the ESRA area with friends and amongst the guests was Anna Nicholas, the writer, who of course is well known on the island and her “the Scotsman” Alan.  They had never visited Son Amar before and did not really know what to expect. However, it was not long before all of us were soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying a not to be faulted dinner, wine and cava as the Pre Show began. That itself was entertainment, but the Show itself  called “ Fusion” is surely one of the best shows this side of the Atlantic. Superb acts, fantastic dancers all showing off their beautiful costumes, Spanish and Irish dancing and with a spread of comedy acts, and acrobats. For something unique, the colourful butterfly dancers in their flouresent costumes amazed the audience with their dancing on the stage but even more so when some of the dancers flew over the theatre and left the audience in awe. To top it all we were all enthralled by the modern dance, music and songs of the Bee Gees, Abba and Michael Jackson. It was over two and a half hours of pure entertainment and fun.

 ESRA has been a few years running to Son Amar, but it changes and I hear that work is underway to bring in further new elements and surprises next year. The 950 audience on Saturday and all ESRA members and guests had a wonderful time and I, for one shall be returning next year as I am sure ESRA will, for what will surely be “ Another Night to Remember.”

 David Whitney

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