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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - September 2016

So much has happened in the last few days in the bird world here in Mallorca that it would be hard to decide which species to feature this month. The Rare Bird Alert phone service has been on fire with news of several mega-rare birds that have flown into the Island in the last few days. I have driven to nearly every bird reserve trying to catch up with every one of them and I have succeeded in seeing nearly all of them. What a month!

Back down to earth with a more common garden bird but a real beauty never the less, the Greenfinch which inhabits nearly every garden and park in Mallorca.

The male birds are very yellow in the summer making them a very striking species to see. They are seed eaters and luckily there is no shortage of food for them with many seed producing plants in nearly every field of Mallorca.

They are a sedentary species and are therefore here for the whole year.

Michael Montier

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