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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - July 2016

The Redshank

In these bird starved months of high summer, it is best to visit the marshes of Mallorca to enjoy the return passage of the wading birds which are already on their way back to their wintering grounds having bred further north. A walk round the salt pans of Salobrar de Campos or Colonia Sant Jordi will pay dividends as they are alive with an excellent selection of Sandpipers, Shanks, Plovers and Stints.

They present quite an identification problem as many of them are so similar in appearance. There is no mistaking this bird of the month though, the Redshank with its lovely bright red legs and streaked plumage.

Many local waders have already finished breeding and the young can be seen all around the marsh, little fluff-balls scooting around the lagoons looking like clockwork toys. They are a real joy to watch. Flamingos will return soon too although a few non-breeders stay all the summer; mostly young birds.

Michael Montier

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