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Apr 23, 2021

June 2016 - Wine of the Month

In Mallorca, located in the Serra de Tramuntana in an idyllic setting surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees, there is a stunning estate called Can Axartell. What concerns us to-day is the fact that it has its own winery, built in the hollow of an old quarry and perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape, returning it to its natural appearance. This particular location also allows a good isolation from the outside, so there are no large temperature gradients, a key factor in order to keep the wines in optimum condition.
The winery relies on cutting-edge technology and equipment fully serving the natural production of quality wine: strict control of fermentation temperature, constant monitoring of the wine evolution in their own laboratory, wine ageing in oak barrels of different origins and toasts, and their own bottling line, in order to control the wine-making process to the highest quality demanded.
The Estate's commitment with quality also involves vine growing techniques which are exclusively organic, and the use of no pumps in the winery, according to what is known as Gravity method. This method takes advantage of the law of gravity when it comes to move grapes and wines from their reception until fermentations are completed. Not using any sort of pump implies a more natural procedure, conducted with the utmost care: there are no frictions, no high pressures, resulting in no bitter compounds being released from skins and seeds to the wine. Furthermore, oxidations are also reduced. Thanks to this simple and natural law, the wines are more environmentally friendly and their quality can be better appreciated.
Over and above all these technical details, the winery has, for the first time just introduced its wines to its potential customers, so there is a great feeling of enthusiasm and excitement among all the people involved in their production.
I would like to share with you my impressions regarding the two youngest wines available on the market, the white and the rosé 2015, which are perfect, now that temperatures are getting inevitably warmer.

White 2015

This white wine has a bright and very pale green colour, which clearly evokes freshness.
It's fresh and intense aroma presents many different fruity notes that come from the various grape varieties used in its production. Thus, we find the apple notes from Premsal, the tropical touches from Malvasia, and the citrus notes (tangerine and grapefruit) from Muscat à Petits Grains. A soft and sweet background of dried apricots is also present.
On the palate, its correct acidity contributes to a very pleasant overall sensation of freshness. The citrus notes are especially responsible for this enjoyable feeling of freshness, along with a slight mineral touch in the background.
It is an original and surprising wine whose character is very Mediterranean, with an aftertaste that begs for another glass. It is ideal to enjoy on its own, especially in summertime, but also paired with any fish dish.

Rosé 2015

This rosé wine seduces at first sight: its pale red colour, sheer and bright, is a temptation to the senses.
Its aroma is a combination of fresh fruits and white flowers which, as if it were a perfume, inevitably evokes the scent of springtime.
The palate is smooth, fresh, slightly dense and mineral. The fruit notes contribute to highlight these sensations even more. Its dry finish makes it perfect to drink it by itself, as an aperitif, or accompanying any fresh summer dish.
But I think that what makes this wine really special is the careful selection of grapes it has been made with (Pinot Noir and Syrah), and the fact that they have been harvested when their ripeness was optimal to obtain the freshness and the aroma of a high-quality rosé wine, considerably earlier than if the same grapes had been intended for the production of a red wine

Average price: 13 € each.

You can find them in any specialised wine shop in Mallorca, and in Can Axartell estate itself (

Enjoy and do try both.

Guillem Vanrell

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