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Apr 23, 2021

2016 - E.S.R.A. South-West donates to help Cerebral Palsy sufferers

E.S.R.A. South-West was not created as a charity but its members are always conscious of the need to provide some help to the less fortunate with whom we share this beautiful Island.  So, from time to time we organize events from which the proceeds go to some designated charitable organization.

Last Christmas, as every Christmas, E.S.R.A. South-West organised a raffle and it was decided that the proceeds, some €2.500,00, would be donated to an organization working with sufferers from cerebral Palsy.

ASPACE - Asociacion de Paralisis Cerebral de Baleares which was chosen to receive the money, was established almost 40 years ago in order to provide people with cerebral palsy and related diseases the attention they need to achieve the highest levels of personal development and quality of life. ASPACE seeks to generate a change in society regarding the perception of the world of people with disabilities and their families.

Elena Leon, Jesus Hernando, Janice van Brabant, Allen Oliver

Janice Van Brabant, our Publicity Officer, handed the cheque for €2.500 to Jesus Hernando head of the Aspace Centre,Mallorca.  Chairman Allen Oliver, and Social Secretary, David Whitfield were present as was Elena Leon, the number Two at Aspace and quite a few  delightful kids from the centre who kindly gave each a lovely framed painting.

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