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Apr 23, 2021

May 2016 - Wine of the Month

Summer approaches and temperatures are getting higher little by little. It is an ideal time for wine lovers to start enjoying the freshness and fragrance of white wines,. This month I would like to propose to you the Spanish White Guerrilla, a collection of single-variety white wines from different regions of Spain, and with the purpose to point out the quality of Spanish White wine

Typically Spanish” Guerrillas take part in this wine making revolution, embodied by the most prominent of the Spanish white grape varieties, including Verdejo from Rueda, Albariño from Galicia, Godello from Valdeorras and Navarra’s Garnacha Blanca. But there are also “international forces” at play, varieties grown for the first time in the autonomous community of La Rioja, such as Germany’s Gewürztraminer and Riesling, and France’s Viognier and Chardonnay, which are among the most interesting European white grape varieties.

The transgressive nature of this collection is evidenced by its labels, dominated by the guerrillas themselves, with unique features as a symbol of their origin, and highlighting the distinctive personality of each variety. Almost all of them have been awarded in wine competitions and also with high scores on renowned wine guides as Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and the Spanish Guía Peñín.

The complete list of the wine collection is the following: Albariño, Verdejo, Chardonnay, Chardonnay barrica (aged in oak barrels), Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier barrica, Riesling and Gewürztraminer. Each wine is sold independently, but it is possible to buy a special box of .six.bottles, combining those you may prefer.

Because of space constraints, I will just write the description of three of them, from the 2015 harvest, but feel free to google and surf the web in order to find the complete information about each wine.

100% Albariño - DO Rias Baixas

As a reflection of its origin, the label shows the image of an immigrant fighter and sailor.

The wine has a yellow straw colour. Its nose is very aromatic, with plenty of fruity flavours (apple and pear) and white flower notes. It is well balanced on the palate. A correct acidity makes it fresh and really enjoyable. Alcohol content: 12,5%

100% Verdejo - DO Rueda

Soft yellow colour with a green iridescence. On the nose it reminds of boxwood and tomato leaves, the typical aroma of the verdejo grapes, combined with fruity and white flower hints. On the palate it is glyceric, tasty and fresh. Alcohol content: 12,5%

100% Riesling

Bright yellow straw colour, which takes on more golden tones over time. It is an elegant and very fine wine, highlighting fruity and dry hay notes, and also with some confectionery notes in combination with other more acidic aromas. On the palate we find an excellent balance between its high acidity and the small amount of unfermented sugar, which provides a tasty, greedy and acidic mid-palate.

Average price: it depends on the wine you choose, but prices are between 4.50 € and 7.00 € on average.

You can find them in Terra de Vins (Manacor) and on-line (,,


Do give them a try

Guillem Vanrell Truyols


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