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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - March 2016

Every year here in Mallorca there is a competition to see who can find the most species of birds on the Island in the twelve months. It is known as the "Big Year". For various reasons I have not been able to join in fully and I have ended up way down the order. Last year I was a miserable ninth. This year however, I have gone flat out, running around the Island like a lunatic to see as many species as possible and it has paid off as I am now in second place.

It does mean going to every corner of Mallorca but it is all conducted in the best possible spirits and it is huge fun when Imeet up with the locals and we recount our adventures in pursuit of some of the more difficult birds to see here. Some birds only inhabit the very highest peaks so this means a long trek up to connect with them. One such species is the bird featured here, the Alpine Accentor.

I have seen them in the past around the Castle at Alaró so one glorious sunny day earlier this month, Jane and I set off in an effort to track down these elusive but very beautiful birds. Near the top, and as usual, it was Jane who located a party of seven birds feeding just a few feet away and I was able to enjoy stunning views and take some photographs.

The scenery is simply breathtaking and there was the added reward of lunch at restaurant "Es Verger" on the way down. Happy days.

Michael Montier

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