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Apr 23, 2021

March 2016 - Wine of the Month

Angelitos Negros 2014 is a fresh red wine produced by Vinos y Viñedos de la Casa Maguila, and one of the top sellers from the DOP Toro. This region is located in the southeast of the province of Zamora, in the Castilla y León community (northwest of Spain).

It is a 100% Tinta de Toro, the main grape variety in the region, from vines that are 20 to 40 years old. An 80% of these vines are still trained following the goblet system, the ancient method of vine training which involves no wires or other system of support, and results in a goblet shaped growth. Vines trained in this manner, also referred to as 'head training', essentially resemble a small bush or shrub, and they may be described by some as 'bush vines'.

Tinta de Toro grapes are also known under other names, depending on the region where they are cultivated: Tempranillo in La Rioja, Tinto fino in Madrid, Tinta del País in Ribera del Duero, Cencibel in Murcia, Aragón and Valencia, and Ull de Llebre in Catalunya, among others.

Once in the winery, a 30% of the grapes are fermented uncrushed, which gives the wines a more intense and freshly aroma. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is transferred into stainless steel tanks where the malolactic fermentation takes place. Thanks to this second fermentation, red wines become less rude, the acidity decreases, and their quality improves. This is also when lactic notes appear, reminding of yoghurt, butter or other products made out of milk.

After that, Angelitos Negros 2014 has been aged for a period of 7 months, in one to three years old French and American oak barrels. Finally, the wine is stabilised prior to its bottling.

It appears bright and attractive, with a cherry-coloured robe and a violet rim.

The nose reveals prominent notes of cranberries, strawberries and blackberries, nicely intertwined with aromas of violet, lavender and other flowers. In the background we find a touch of fine wood, spices and dim mineral undertones.

Its palate is fresh and honest, with jubilant and prolonged nuances of fruits. They are emphasised by notes of spices, balsam and underbush. Tannins are crunchy and the the acidity is balanced. It leaves  a light and pleasant sensation of sweetness. Its finish is silky, long and fruity, and also reminds of the subtle notes acquired during its aging in barrels.

This wine can be enjoyed as aperitif, and pairs with a large variety of meals: bluefish, eggs, rice, grilled vegetables, sheep cheese, cold meat, poultry meat with gravy and grilled red meat.

In a nutshell, Angelitos Negros 2014 is a reasonable, fresh, fruity, easy to drink wine you will surely enjoy, and if you share with family or friends every one will love it.

Alcohol Vol.: 14 %. Serve at 16- 18 ºC.

Average price: 7.50 – 8.50 €

You can find it in Terra de Vins (Manacor) and on-line (enterwine, bodeboca, decantalo...).

William Vanrell

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