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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - February 2016

The Hawfinch

There are some birds in Mallorca which are easy to see, others which are difficult, and then there are those that are near impossible. The Hawfinch is one of the latter, a shy and enigmatic bird which likes to stay hidden for most of the day. Added to this, very few visit the Island each winter and even less are ever seen.

After eight years of trying and failing to see this dazzling and colourful finch, it was beginning to get me down. It avoided theclose attention of my binoculars every time I travelled north and I missed them at each attempt. This year I received a tip-off from a fellow ESRA member so once again I set off north to the magnificent reserve of Son Real but with very little confidence. After only a short time in the hide a superb male bird popped out onto a twig right in front of me. In the panic to grab my camera and take a photograph of this elusive species, I tripped over, fell on the floor and scared it away. After much cursing and when Jane had finally stopped laughing, it luckily came back and allowed me to obtain some great images. This photo is by my good friend JJ; mine aren't that good yet!

Michael Montier

Photo by kind permission of Juanjo Bázan

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