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Apr 23, 2021

February 2016 - Wine of the Month

Mestizaje blanco 2014
Vino de pago - DOP Pago El Terrerazo

Mestizaje is the name used for the young wines produced in the winery MUSTIGUILLO, located in the municipality of Utiel (Valencia, Spain). What makes this winery especial is the fact that it is the sole proprietor of the estate DOP El Terrerazo, the Spanish geographical indication for the Vino de Pago wines produced in its boundaries. The word pago comes from the Latin word pagus, meaning a country district. In this context, Vino de Pago (sometimes also referred to as Denominación de Pago or DO Pago) is a classification for Spanish wine applied to individual vineyards or wine estates. It was introduced in 2003 by a decision in the Spanish parliament to help further improve the quality of Spanish wines. Wine estates classified as Vino de Pago are subject to separate requirements rather than those of the wine region where they are located. One of those requirements is that the estate may only use their own grapes for the wines it produces. There are only 30 wineries in Spain classified as Vinos de Pago. Mestizaje blanco is made with the white grape varieties Merseguera 63%, Viognier 30% and Malvasía 7%. Merseguera is a local grape which had almost disappeared. It is organically cultivated in a land that stands more than 900 metres above sea level. The plants are grafted on old vines of bobal, a red grape which had some difficulties to reach a good ripeness at such altitude. Thus, Mustiguillo winery is working to return the importance Merseguera grapes had in the past in this mountainous territory, as they were well adapted to its particular weather conditions. The different wines produced in the winery are the result of the fusion of traditional viticulture and state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, using only organic products. When it comes to move grapes and wines, they also take advantage of the simple and natural law of gravity. This way, by avoiding the use of pumps, there are no frictions, no high pressures, resulting in no bitter compounds being released from skins and seeds to the wine. Oxidations are also reduced. The result are more environmentally friendly wines and of improved quality. Mestizaje blanco has a bright gold yellow appearance. Its smell is of medium-high intensity. It evokes white flours, with a hint of citrus notes and honey. The taste is very pleasant, revealing freshness and volume. It presents a lingering finish that leaves a delicate an enjoyable sensation of sweetness. It is a wine that bears a truly Mediterranean essence. You may enjoy it with salads, fish, seafood paella and pasta. It is also delicious for picnics.

Alcohol Vol.: 13 %. Serve at a temperature between 8 ºC and 10 ºC.

Average price: 8.50 – 9.50 €
You can find it in Terra de Vins (Manacor) and on-line (vinissimus, bodeboca, decantalo...).

 Guillen Vanrell Truyols

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