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Mar 04, 2021

Bird of the Month - January 2016

The Red Kite

Numbers of this magnificent bird of prey are on the increase thanks to recent conservation measures and it is now possible to watch these graceful raptors soaring the skies all over the Island of Mallorca.

They wheel around at quite a height looking for any dead prey, because they are mostly scavengers, but they do also feed on insects, worms and small birds.

Thankfully there is a plentiful supply of carrion here on the Island and when a sheep or goat carcass is located then they will swoop down and devour as much as possible before the bigger species arrive to chase them away.

Red kites are not really red, more of a reddish brown with distinctive white panels in the wings. The most obvious identification feature though is the deeply forked tail.

Watch out for these elegant birds which can now be seen regularly in the South-East region of Mallorca.

Michael Montier

Photo by kind permission of Maties Rebassa

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