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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - December 2015

The Goldcrest
Weighing little more than a ten pence coin this little beauty is quite common in the UK but much more difficult to see here in Mallorca. They are a winter visitor and they come here in varying numbers. This year they have arrived in large groups in what is known as an "irruption" so there is much more chance of seeing one now.
They are the smallest bird to visit the Island and are quite hard to see as they flit nervously around the middle of pine trees, never keeping still for more than a second.
They are very similar to their close cousin the Firecrest which is quite abundant in Mallorca so good views are needed to safely identify this tiny gem. The Goldcrest is a favourite species for many birdwatchers so I hope you spot one this year. If you do, please let me know, we are trying to estimate the total numbers arriving this winter.
Michael Montier
Photo by kind permission of Juanjo Bázan

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