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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - November 2015

The Robin
Most species of bird that spend the summer months in Mallorca have now left the Island and the wintering birds are arriving in their thousands. Soon there will be large concentrations of Song Thrushes, Black Redstarts and Robins filling nearly every field and garden throughout Mallorca.
The Robin was recently crowned Britain's favourite bird in an official poll which is no surprise for they are a gardener's friend, often picking out worms and insects only inches away from where you are working. They also have a lovely song and are often the last bird to sing before nightfall.
This innocent and attractive species is often shown on Christmas cards sitting atop a spade in a snowy garden but if the truth is told, the Robin hides a dark secret, they are highly territorial and aggressive. If another male intrudes into their domain then a fight will ensue, often to the death. They are also polygamous. Perhaps the British public would have voted instead for that symbol of the peace, the Dove, had they known that their choice of number one bird was not quite so charming after all!
Michael Montier
Photo by kind permission of  Juanjo Bázan

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