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Jun 03, 2020

September 2015 - Wine of the month

Can Coleto, Blanc de Negres

As my first article about wine for ESRA members I would like to introduce a very especial one to you. Blanc de Negres, which literally means ´white from reds´ is a Mallorcan white wine produced in a lovely small winery located near the village of Petra, in the heart of the Pla i Llevant de Mallorca appellation of origin (AOC), whose vineyards are exclusively organically cultivated.

The reason I have chosen this wine is that I recently attended the Beginning of the Harvest party organised by the previously mentioned AOC, which takes place every year in one of the twelve different wineries belonging to the appellation, and this time was the turn of Can Coleto. As guest of honour, former Real Madrid basketball player Fernando Romay was in charge of the challenging task for a seven feet tall man to pick up the first grape of the season.

What makes Can Coleto Blanc de Negres especial is the fact that it is made only with red grape varieties, which in this case are Syrah (40%), Merlot (40%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%). I am sure that most of you are wondering how may a white wine be made of red grapes. The answer is simple: for the majority of red grapes allowed in wine making, the compounds responsible for their intense dark colour, known as anthocyanins, are found in the skins of the grapes; thus the colour of red wine is derived from skin contact during the maceration period. Having this in mind, not allowing this maceration by pressing the red grapes directly results in a juice virtually with no red colour. This method is the same used for champaign making when handling the varieties Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Back to our Blanc de negres, it appears clean brilliant and pale yellow, with hints of greeny hues. Its smell is intense, with very ripe fruit aromas, as from melon and pears, and a balsamic touch of fennel and lemon verbena. Still more interesting is its very pleasant taste, a blend of acid and sweet flavours in complete harmony with its smoothness and freshness. The lavish finish is long-lingering. Alcohol content: 13,5 %.

Furthermore, Can Coleto produces eight different wines, some of them with actually curious and suggestive names as ´Llàguimes blanques´ (White tears), ´Negre mediterrani ´(Mediterranean red) and ´Summum´.  If you are interested in knowing a bit more about Can Coleto winery, you can take a look at their website

I really wish you enjoyed this article and hope to contribute with more interesting reviews and information about wines and winemaking. Cheers!

William Vanrell

Winemaking adviser


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