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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - September 2015

The Honey Buzzard
Back to Africa

Return migration is just around the corner and birds from the whole of Europe will be leaving their summer grounds soon to take up their winter quarters in Africa. They will be streaming through the Straight of Gibraltar and happily good numbers come through Mallorca too.
A small but dedicated group of birders gather near the most southerly point of the Island at Cap de ses Salines every autumn. They can be found loitering suspiciously around the grass verge just before the Cap by a wall which I have re-named the "Wall of Fame" because so many wonderful birds are seen passing overhead throughout September. It is an area offering shade as the locals all seem allergic to the sun; only the mad British go right to the point.
There is one special bird that is valued above all others and this prize scalp is known as the European Honey Buzzard.
They soar overhead, sometimes in big numbers and never fail to raise a cheer from the olive-clad mob who have gathered

just to see this annual spectacle.

With them come other species too, from Kites to Hawks and from Falcons to Eagles. There is always a chance of seeing something really rare too.
The group are members of an exclusive club known as GORA and I was recently presented with an official T shirt which means I must be an honorary member or something. At least that´s what I think that´s what they said.
If you are driving down to the Cap one morning it´s a great idea to stop and have a chat, they are very friendly and welcoming.
Michael Montier

Photos by kind permission of Daly Wildlife

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