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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - August 2015

The Black Vulture
Mallorca holds an internationally important population of Black Vultures, a monster bird of the high peaks of the Island and a sight to amaze anyone lucky enough to encounter one. They are enormous and are often described as "flying barn doors". Once seen never forgotten and they glide over the mountain tops on thermals of warm air with hardly a wingbeat. They can stay in the air for hours without flapping and they will patrol the Tramuntana until they spot carrion whereupon they will drift down to the ground to devour whatever hapless victim they have found and which has met an untimely end.
Black Vultures do occasionally wander around Mallorca and can sometimes be seen at lower levels like the marsh at the salt pans, Es Trenc. Many people experience difficulty in identifying species of raptors but this one should present no such problem, they are unmistakable.

Michael Montier

Photos by kind permission of Daly Wildlife

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