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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - February 2015

The Goldfinch

Now is a great time to be looking out for Goldfinches. They can be seen in quite large groups visiting gardens and fields around the whole Island. They will be feeding on seed heads so it is worth not clearing away old weeds until spring so that birds have plenty of food during the sparse winter months. As you can see, Goldfinches are a delightful mix of bold colours: they have red, yellow and black plumage with an ivory white bill during the breeding season. Birds will soon be mating and will therefore be at their sparkling best so there could be no better time to watch and listen out for these attractive members of the finch family. Their call is a metallic tinkling, quite distinctive and evocative of winter in Mallorca.


Michael Montier
Photo by kind permission of Juanjo Bázan

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