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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - March 2014

The Hoopoe

There could be no better way of starting this feature than by presenting the National bird of Mallorca, the Hoopoe, or Puput as it is known here. It is also the best time of the year to be seeing them too, they are looking at their best having acquired their bright breeding plumage and they are also very vocal at the moment, listen out for a hollow “Hoop, hoop, hoop” on clear, still days. Hoopoes feed on the ground by probing for grubs with their long de-curved bill where they look buffish-pink in colour but when they take to the air their black-and-white wings with a zig-zag pattern will be striking. When they land they usually raise their crest which looks like a native North-Americans headgear. They nest in tree holes and one of our members was lucky to have a pair breeding in their garden a couple of years ago. They are a fabulous sight and most birdwatchers would put them on their “Top Ten” list of birds to see.

Michael Montier

Photo by kind permission of Daly Wildlife

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