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Oct 31, 2020

Bird of the Month - July 2015

The Blackbird

One of the most common garden birds it may be but the Blackbird thoroughly deserves to have come second in a recent poll of favourite British birds. Most people will be familiar with this member of the thrush family but a closer look reveals a lovely black plumage with a bright yellow bill and eye-ring. But it is not as famous for its looks as it is for being a most beautiful songster, best heard at dawn or better still, last thing in the evening as it sits atop a bush and emits a liquid and fluty repertoire of musical notes, quite one of the best things to hear before dark.

Many members of ESRA have reported them nesting in their gardens and watching the parent birds working hard to keep their hungry young sated with worms, insects and berries. They are a top bird and every garden would be a poorer place without them. The Robin may well have won the title but for me this is number one.

Michael Montier

Photo by kind permission of Juanjo Bázan

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