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Jan 29, 2023
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ESRA welcomes you

Meet people - Make friends - Know Mallorca

Whether you are a visitor to Mallorca, a resident of the island or a member of the ESRA association, we hope that you will find interesting and useful information on this site.

Use the menu on the left and the buttons below to browse aound the site (if you're using a mobile just click the menu icon at the top to expose the menu).  Of particular interest are, About UsYear Book  (reports on annual activities), Recent Activities and Business Directory. If you are thinking of moving to Mallorca, Living in SpainKnow Mallorca, Living in Mallorca, and Where to live, are very useful - buying a home, medical coverage, pensions, becoming a Spanish resident.  The organisation was founded with the mission to Help Each Other By Mutual Friendship and thirty years on that is still true,

If you are already a Member of ESRA, login for the members' section.   There you will find articles on cooking, gardening, the latest news, fun and games, links to the BBC , UK financial markets, and contact details for emergency services on the island. Come and join the fun, lend a hand and enjoy all the activities that are ESRA.





All island barbecue - one of the many events we hold each month

Randa, Roman citadel and outpost; relics can still be found.